Booting Garuda from live flash

What to do when I can't boot Garuda from my flash. I choose option in my flash KDE multimedia then the welcoming screen is following I click on option with NVIDIA driver, but it just loading with that eagle logo and nothing moře.. I don't know what to do..

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Try again, using free drivers.

How did you write USB - Rufus or Balena Etcher?

Also see - Installation instructions | Garuda Linux wiki

Ensure you do as it says, for best reults.

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Hi Stroke_Finger I'm absolutely novice in Linux and in this Garuda but I've tried use this also with open source drivers another option available but that doesn't help anyway, although I have only 4 GB RAM i have wait quite time and it was still loading

Certain processes can take just under 5 minutes, so be patient and see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face:

Longer than this let us know. System specs would help, too.

Read also.

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I've used YUMI multi boot Downloader, the reason is that I might try on my flash disc more distro's. I've already Ubuntu and MX-19 those are working, but this still doesn't :frowning:

The problem also is I couldn't find on YUMI Garuda distro so I tried some unlisted ISO but There were more options via GRUB or GRUB partition 4 or GRUB from RAM or syslinux I didn't know what to choose, so I tried three of them except GRUB from RAM. After that I used WContig for defragmenting it and launched it. Only GRUB functioned but it was stucked in loading..

@Dany I am the first to admit, I am no expert, but I would try a USB stick containing Garuda alone.

They're cheap enough and you can then reasonably point fingers, having eliminated one possibility of problems.

My tuppence, but remember the above caveat and always make your own mind up. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to do multi boot Ventoy is the to-go tool, might also be easier.


Is There a Garuda distro in option?

No you have to install Ventoy on the USB and simply copy the isos over once done. Works with Garuda and almost all other Linux, as well as Windoze.


Hurrah the problem is solved easily, Thanks to your advice! The problém was only in bootloader so this Ventoy is absolutely great one.
Thank you all :slightly_smiling_face::wink:

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