Boot stuck at "Loading Initial Ramdisk"

Yesterday, I added a new user and removed the old one and shut it down. But today, I tried it booting several times but was stuck in Loading initial ramdisk... Finally I reinstalled Garuda Linux and using it.

What instructions have you followed for this System Modification?
Being a System Administrator, requires responsibility, because if you do any mistake, you can break your system unusable.

Have you chosen this category yourself? If so, what do you mean?

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Problem area.

Not a 'fix' per se.

@_shubham, please realize that while re-installing may get you up and running, it is not the cure for self-inflicted wounds. It only provides momentary relief.

I guess what I am trying to express is that it would have been infinitely better had you used taken any number of problem solving steps that could have fixed your issue, and posted them rather than an, "I screwed the pooch so II re-installed." That, by itself, is weightless.