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If I install Garuda on a new SSD, can I install the loader on a dedicated partition on ±100Mb ? Can it accept a 100Mb partition or is the smallest acceptable for Garuda 256Mb ?

First, can we clarify what we are talking about?

Are you referring to:

  • /boot on a legacy install?
  • /boot on a UEFI install?
  • The efi partition on a UEFI install?

Yes : on a legacy BIOS/MBR pc.

In Windows 10 per instance, the System partition (500Mb) is where the loader reside and is the first partition of the disk. Can we make a similar partition with Garuda or there is no benefit to that scheme ? If no benefit, then why Windows does that ?

I always set mine at 350 MB, it may be to big but that seems to be a comfortable size for me. I know Manjaro requires a minimum of 310 MB so I just go with that plus a little more.

Separating out /boot will be problematic if you ever want to restore or boot off of snapshots. You will end up in a situation where the kernel version is different than then the kernel modules.

If you want to do it anyway, the size will be based on the number of kernels you want to have installed. You should probably budget a little over 100MB for each kernel/initramfs.

It sounds like you may be referring to the EFI partition which is different than /boot on a legacy install.

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I find it interesting that a Windows 10 computer is Legacy bios.

You can install windows 10 either way.

True, but my point is the hardware (if designed for Windows 10) should be EFI.

Even if the hardware supports EFI, you can still do a legacy install.

Thanks dalto ! this resolves the decision making : NO boot partition is safer if snapshots are implemented...

But the EFI / BIOS part bugs me :sparkles:

1- I do have MBR drives
2- My "BIOS" supports a mouse selection feature !

Can it be a UEFI/MBR pc ?

The vast majority of machines made in the last 15 years support uefi.

You should be able to tell if you look in the boot options for your bios

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I've checked with win-R > msinfo32 and it's Legacy...

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