Boot failure


After burning an USB stick with Garuda dr4gonized/Gaming/BlackArch versions I always have the problem of booting them that gives me an inscription of "error: unknown filesystem. Entering rescue mod... Grub rescue> "
I also tried some commands to boot it but unfortunately it didn't...

I'm asking for help because I love Linux systems and Garuda Linux especially, I am driving a Windows 10 on a dell Inspiron 14 (5406) and I'm really tired of all the shit comming from them, I just want a free OS and I have problems with that, unimaginable.

Please, tell me how to fix the problem, I'll be very happy to try all possible methods, thanks!

Have you disabled fast boot and secure boot in your bios.
Have you checked you are in uefi mode in the bios


In addition to the checks above, what tool did you use to burn the ISO? I assume you start from Windows, so cannot use the dd command. So either balena Etcher or Ventoy should be ok.

PS: welcome!


Yes I did all the checkout

I used rufus that killed one of my ancient USB))) and now I used the UltraISO program to burn it.

As @filo says use either balena Etcher or Ventoy


okay, I'll essay to use that, thanks guys

Thank You Guys! Now I finally installed Garuda !!!

I'm like these kind of women that remove their bra after a hard day !!!

Being free is a choice :metal:t2::wine_glass::tophat:))



I'll mark my suggestion as solution.
If this is not the case, just describe the actual solution (for future readers searching for a similar issue)


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