BOOT Errors may be based on the Kernel Update

This is posted for providing a general information about the current widespread issue!

Thanks to @Zack who gave us this hint.
It got already reported and escalated to
Details about it here: 216387 – Boot Loop using 5.19 Kernel and Syslinux on x86-64 UEFI Platform

Types of issues you might run in into:

  • Boot Loops (most prominent and core of the reported issue)
  • Missing drives
  • Grub2 errors which make no sense
  • Ending up in your BIOS
  • Miss match of drives and/or their ID's (UUID)
  • GPU driver issues (propably - at least those got reported often as well, since the update)

One comment as example from

The issue can be consistently reproduced in QEMU with OVMF EFI.
Place vmlinuz file into an image with a bootloader of your choice, run with "debug ignore_loglevel earlyprintk=efi,keep console=ttyS0".
Bad ones will boot loop without printing anything, good ones would print a kernel panic.

But the biggest issue you can get is simply a boot loop you almost can't get out (except hard shutdown ofc). Downgrading the Kernel would help with that issue.

It is officially reported and on the works. We might need to wait for a fix. The bug might be transient to latter versions than 5.19.1)
Until then I would not recommend any Kernel updates for now. (Ver.: 5.19.1 and propably kernel versions which are based on that one) :penguin:

Thanks to @Zack for the finding and his report the languages/German category in this forum.

All the best,

Bruce :shark:

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On a related note, I'm seeing this more and more here on the forum, and because I think many will read this thread, I'm posting it here as a reminder :smiley:

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BTW, Kernel: 5.19.5-zen1-1-zen :grin:


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