Boot/efi full

greetings to all
I have the /boot/efi partition full, I don't know if this can damage the system. If so how can I free up space usage? thanks.

This means you multi boot too much, or did it in the past, and/or didn't size it correctly depending on your needs.
It could be that you left there the bootloaders of distros you don't have anymore, so you can delete them and recover some space. Alternatively, you'll have to work to an extension, which is not complex generally, but could be in this case, since you'll have to manage to gain some free space after the end of the partition. And mistakes with this stuff can be risky.

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A solution would be to boot with a liveusb and enlarge the ? partition.
for example increase the size by about 100M more ?
Obviously partitionmanager should move the data from the / partition ?
In theory this should work?
-I have installed manjaro and win

Why would you allocate just 277 MiB?

From Archwiki

To prevent interoperability issues with other operating systems[1][2] it is recommend to make it at least 300 MiB. For early and/or buggy UEFI implementations the size of at least 512 MiB might be needed.[3] If you plan to install multiple kernels and either mount the partition to /boot or pack the kernels in unified kernel images, you can use 1 GiB to be on the safe side.

Well, I always allocate 1 GiB for each installation.

Yes, that should work.
Especially if your ESP partition is adjacent to a system one, Garuda, manjaro or windows, that you can shrink.
With Windows multibooting it can happen to have esp close to one or more of the small additional partitions created by M$, and you'll have some more work to do.
Anyway, looking back into the garuda-inxi of your other topic, 600MB for 3 bootloaders seem really unusual to me. I have an old laptop with Garuda, Arch and Windows with a 100MB esp, with still some free space. For sure not much space, but we are not talking about 600MB.
Maybe give a look at the contents. In my initial distro hopping times I often forgot deleting the unused bootloaders. Or there might be something else.

custom.cfg, simple.

  size  FSAVAIL   name          fsty   label     mountpoint
  260M  255,4M ├─/dev/nvme0n1p1 vfat   NO_LABEL /boot/efi
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Check in /boot/efi/EFI for directories from distros you aren't using anymore and delete them. Typically you need to elevate to root to get in there.

Unless you are adding another distro, not much gets added to the EFI partition; it's totally fine if there is not much extra space.

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It seems that @rokedegea has mounted his 277Mb partition as /boot directory.
277Mb is not at all sufficient for /boot directory, though it would be more than enough for /boot/efi, unless you are multi-booting 10-20 distros. Does anyone even does that :thinking:?

I would suggest 512Mb just for peace of mind.

As you can see, I have allocated 1Gb for the efi partition, just for a single Linux installation - just for the satisfaction :sweat_smile: - and only about 7Mb is being used!

From the filelight screenshot, you don't seem to have a /boot/efi directory. Are you sure if it is a UEFI installation or a legacy one?

I already have 1.5G, I entered with liveusb and enlarged the partition, problem solved, thanks.

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