Boinc Client available

Is there a Boinc Client available for Garuda?
I see the manager in repositories but not the client.
I searched around, most distro’s have a sort of dedicated or fork for related help and discussion.
I did see Fedora but no Arch install.
I’ve installed it on just about everything Linux.

Install either the boinc or the boinc-nox package. The latter omits Xorg dependencies, and is therefore suited for use on headless servers.

Both packages install a unit file named boinc-client.service.

sudo pacman -Syu boinc

Thanks, your above seems to work although some issues.
I may need to just go back and purge boinc and restart from your ```
sudo pacman -Syu boinc

1) Manager would run but not start client by just starting Manager in normal app menu.
2) From terminal with ```boinc_client```  and ```boincmgr``` starts what I am used to seeing.
3) Issues are when setting computing preferences, they change and save as normal but they do not take. Only way to stop client was click suspend.
Just sort of weird where system folders are at. Not what I am used to seeing.
I did post on the Boinc forum but it is a very canned as responces.
systemctl enable --now boinc-client.service
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I believe you mean enable --now ?


Score ! Thanks.
Deleted all the Boinc I could find and reinstalled with simply using your recommendations.

sudo pacman -Syu boinc


systemctl enable --now boinc-client.service

Now able to start Boinc Manager from Menu and runs as designed.
Think in my confusion and trying to install had another instance or conflicting version, etc.

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