Bluetooth not working, "protocol not found"

I have fresh install garuda Linux and wifi is working but bluetooth is not working . I am having rtl8821ce wifi/bluetooth Driver on my laptop. List of device were showing up but when in connect I don't work it just shows protocol not found. I have install rtl8821ce-dkms-git from AUR but it also not work.

Install/reinstall pulseaudio-bluetooth (sudo pacman -Syu pulseaudio-bluetooth), reboot, try again, let us know the result.

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I have already tired it but it won't work

Are you using Pulseaudio or Pipewire?

So there are things that God does not know. :thinking:

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OK, then there should be no issue and it should work.

Make sure you are fully up-to-date, remove and re-add the pairing, and then try and find some logs to tell us more (e.g. dmesg output from the time you are trying to connect). Read this for more information:

Ok Thanks, I would Update

Having just recently moved Garuda Dr460nized onto metal, I was looking at the forum and stumbled across this thread and thought to myself...oh, that's something I need to do!.. as it turns out jonathons' advise works. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try

It is is similar problem I guess :thinking:

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@GOD see @Naman 's post.

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