Bleachbit not working

Bleachbit not working. gi module not found error occurs

Thanks for posting that info.

My own personal opinion is unless you are an experienced Linux user and have a fair bit of experience using bleachbit then I wouldn't recommend using it. I'm not saying it isn't a quality program, I'm saying that it has the potential to mess your system if not used by someone who knows exactly what they're doing.

And if you think timeshift will save your butt, then you better be keeping way more than 5 backups. The insidious thing about those type of programs is the problems they can create might not be apparent right away. If you made the change way in the past you ll never figure out what actually caused this issue. Are you going to roll your computer back 2 or 3 months even if your backups went that far back.

You'll find lots of people that recommend bleachbit, but you'll find just as many who caution against using it.

Better to just not go there unless you've lots of experience.

Just my opinion.


Do not use BleachBitCH. Use Stacer.

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I used BleachBit when it first came out on a Windows machine, it deleted Registery. Never again for me.

In windows use CCleaner.