Bleachbit errors

I run Bleachbit on Garuda Linux and tick the boxes as required. However when run, I get a lot of red errors zipping past too fast to read and nothing much is cleared. For example my tmp folder isn't cleared.

I think it is a permissions issue maybe but Bleachbit is part of the Garuda installationso should be setup surely?

Incidentally I LOVE Garuda. I've tried various Mates and a number of other distros but this is IT. This is a Windows killer for me if it weren't for the lack of Adobe software I need professionally.

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Please always remember to include in new topics your garuda-inxi, as requested by the template.
Beachbit has been replaced in the newer iso builds, since quite some time now, by "Stacer".
I think you should install and try it.
In my opinion, it performs much better, and I remember Beachbit caused several troubles in the past.
E.g. some users, to avoid those "reds" tried executing it with sudo privileges, and caused a mess...


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Missing your garuda-inxi, so please, post it.

Seems I must remove it from i3wm when its mistakes backfire on Garuda.

All programs that have nothing to do with Garuda, too :wink:


To be clear, for most all people, it is safe to run Bleachbit non-sudo and check every box except
custom, memory, and free disk space (usage).

When running bleachbit as root, actually the same rules apply.

On Windows, using the memory checkbox is generally safer (rather, less likely to force you to reboot), but I've noticed on Debian and Arch-based distros (have not tried the other Linux flavors, I mean, why?) that the memory function will often have weird ill-fated results, such as

red failure errors (especially when ran as a regular user), Bleachbit, and other open programs, crashing or becoming unresponsive -- as well as things like your clipboard, active OpenCL cache (3D renderings, hashcat potfiles), and some other significant, "force-you-to-reboot" probrems.

Also, you should be able to run all Adobe Suite software under Wine/Winetricks. I've gotten everything I've tried to run flawlessly (Photoshop & Illustrator CS6, as well as Creative Cloud as a whole).

e: Also, curious, what is your intended effect of running Bleachbit? Do you need to clear your disks of temporary space? I'd user Stacer for that. Do you need to clear illicit, illegal, or sensitive information from prying eyes and world governments, including bits floating around in your RAM ready to be frozen (literally) and ripped into a threat actors session-stealer? Are you needing to wipe SSDs so that they factually cannot be forensically data-recovered? Use dd and the trim() function for that.


Also, if you are needing to hide or erase sensitive data, you're going about obfuscation wrong if you're needing to wipe anything from your root OS. :hot_face:

No matter what OS you are running I'd recommend not using BleachBit. Use Stacer for Linux Distros. I suggest under it's cleaner only to check the 1st, 4th, and 5th boxes.

Ha ha. My data is on a seperate drive to Linux and yes, the financial transactions need to be expunged at intervals so you're on the money, if you'll pardon the pun. I got ripped of a lot of crypto last year on a windows system by the way. So all traces need to be removed incase irs take an interest. I'll try stacer.

You might also consider that Linux won't exempt one from poor judgement, either.

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Since you are on a mission to try to kill the planet by using crypto please go ahead and use bleachbit, check EVERY box and run it.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: crypto... planet killing... failure to understand bleachbit is just a gui way to run file system commands... :melting_face:

BULL plenty of features if used wrong in BleachBit will hose your system.

Myself, (and many others) have had enough problems using bleachbit, that I would certainly say it is a use at your own risk piece of software. One of the major reasons I avoid it is that any problems it may create might not be noticed until a fair while afterwards. This means snapshots might not be available to correct any problems noticed down the road, (as the snapshots may have been deleted already). This simply makes the risk factor too large compared to the convenience factor IMO.

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