Blackarch tools not visible in KDE

Unfortunately, I am unable to upload images. However, my issue is from running Garuda Blackarch. When I navigate via the desktop and browse under Blackarch, I only see two folders, Forensic and Buzzer. Each of those folders only contains a single application.

From troubleshooting, I've attempted to reinstall on different images to see if something went wrong during the installation. Same results so I'm thinking the issue is inherent to the ISO. However, how do I repair this?

Do the BlackArch packages provide application launchers in the first place?

Just to make sure I'm reading this correctly, you installed the BlackArch tools on a different edition with the same result and concluded that the issue is specific to the BlackArch edition image?


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This was brought up on BlackArchs #garuda Discord channel as well, their long term goal is to provide .desktops but currently they need to be manually created using ba-gen, a script for that purpose. Its packaged in the garuda-blackarch package. That being said, the icon pack doesnt support most applications :slight_smile: