Black screen when playing DOTA2 on fullscreen


I have a problem with playing DOTA2 in fullscreen. The game is running, while I am switching the windows I can see the game, after I click on the window it becomes black.

I am using KDE Dr460nized, NVIDIA 1060.

I think it could be some problem with the latte dock configuration because it is loosing transparency. The other think I tryed is to restrict windows of going over the docks and then I can see the game, but not in full because the windows is shifted.

Any Idea how to fix this?

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Hi there, welcome!
I'm not a gamer, so I cannot help much here...
I just remember something about the fact that palying games with steam can have an effect on the compositor.
So you may want to try to make a alt+shift+f12 before playing (to disable it) and then again to re-enable it.
Anyway, please post your system specs with the output of inxi -Faz for others to help.


Thank you for the fast response! I will try it later this evening since I am not in home right now (:

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The other thing to try if you're using GNOME is to disable fullscreen undirect, there's an extension for it.


I am using KDE Dr460nized, editted it in the question. I really like how KDE is looking right now.

alt+shift+f12 solved the problem!

You are the best (:


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