Black screen + mouse after login

Hi, experiencing some issues.
Couple days back when booting grub threw me into rescue mode but I managed to fix it. The next hurdle was emergency mode, but it turned out to just be an fstab problem. Now I'm able to reach the login screen and log in, but then I'm hit with a black screen and I can move the mouse. If I switch to tty2 and run startx the desktop shows but not fully - wallpaper exists, an okular window shows a pdf that wasn't closed when shutting down and a konsole window. No dock etc. and if I run latte-dock it opens the config window but doesn't actually show the dock. I've tried restoring snapshots but they all have the prior fstab issue / have been overwritten after multiple days of trying to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated

inxi -Faz
journalctl -b

Needless to say, I have attempted the fixes in this guide and read other threads while looking for a solution

Two probably dumb ideas:

  1. if krunner works, open settings and go to the compositor to check if it requires a reset. Or try alt+shift+F12 to disable compositor.
  2. From TTY or GUI, create a new user, assign it to the wheel group and try logging with it

OK, so trying your first suggestion: after rebooting once with compositor disabled, when I boot and login I see what before I could only achieve via running startx (wallpaper exists, some apps are open but no dock etc.)

Second suggestion: logging in with the new user and everything works good!
So what does this mean and how do I fix my main user account. Is it some busted config file somewhere?

I guess this could be some corrupted KDE config file. But in my opinion it could be a nightmare understand which one.
And we have only worked-around the effect.
Try to use it for a while, to see if also the new user get corrupted.

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Another case where this wouldn't have been an issue if the user had a backup strategy in place for their user configuration files!!! You might want to investigate using BackInTime to create backups of your home directory in the future.

Another possibility might be to selectively copy user config files from the new user account to the old user account to hopefully correct the corrupted configuration on your old account.


you are so right

blackscreen, TTY3 login works, TTY1 shows me pacman error, under TTY7 I can login normally.

Magic :smiley:

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