Black screen after grub

I just downloaded garuda qtile iso and put it in my ventoy pendrive try to boot it. Grub open and works fine but after selecting open source drivers i am getting a black screen and nothing is happening after that
I have check hash and it matched
Also pendrive is also fine i also have other isos on my pendrive and all other isos are working without any issue
Also i have integrated intel gpu
Please help

Fastboot and secure boot disabled in the BIOS?
SATA controller set to AHCI mode?

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Both are correct
I also have garuda dragonized 210101 iso that one is working correctly
Only this is giving me trouble

Which Qtile iso version precisely?

220308 the latest one

Are you setting up dual boot with Windows?

Try editing the launch option to remove quiet and splash if they are set and see if you get some messages you can troubleshoot.

Ok i will try that also i am downloading virtualbox to check if that work or not

It worked on virtualbox
But don't know what is wrong with the real hardware

Try to save again the iso file onto the Ventoy USB, but do not overwrite the existing file, rename it. It could be that it landed in a defective area of the USB or there was an error in the copy.


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