Black screen after booting into OS

I can't do anything suddenly today everything is blacked out, i can't access the menu because I set grub menu time to 0.

I had set the grub boot menu timeout to 0, so I can't get into grub, holding down shift doesn't work, what should I do? Whenever I boot it say loading and then Black screen.

Use live ISO, set 0 to 5.


I tried but same thing keeps happening

How can I update grub from live iso please advise.

As said

How to fix

  • If possible try to mount the partion in which grub installed then change timings
$ mount --target /mount_point


  • On starting from live usb u get Garuda Welcome there U can chroot OR do manually from terminal

  • U have to chroot into in the perticular partition used to install Grub and then change timings in case of bios it's MBR & different in UEFI

  • To find that use any of below commands

$ lsblk
$ sudo fdisk -l

HINT : boot flag must be enabled for boot partion


Only revert your changes, I think you changed more than just the boot time.


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