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I installed garuda on my samsun laptop np 300e5x. I accidentally deleted efi partition. Now while booting my old bios is now fully deleted. How to restore my old bios

If you have actually deleted your BIOS then there's nothing anyone on this forum can do for you - you'll have to send your laptop away for repair (or e.g. find someone locally who can reflash the chip).

Alternatively, you might not mean that you have deleted the BIOS itself, so you'll need to provide some more detail about the issue you're having.

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I have bios screen with a option garuda os

OK, so if you want to restore Windows as a boot option then boot a Windows installation medium and choose the "boot repair" option.

Then, boot using a Garuda installer and use the "repair GRUB" option.

Keep in mind that fixing a broken Windows installation is not a Garuda issue. :wink:

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I don't have windows at all. I installed garuda os, then I deleted EFI partition. Now when I am trying to login. I can't login n This is the screen shot

This is a very different issue to "deleting the BIOS".

What specific issue are you having? Describe it in more detail than a single sentence.

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I installed garuda os, by removing linux mint in samsung laptop. After installation I accidentally deleted EFI partition. After that I restarted the laptop. Now this the screen I am getting

OK, so the easy fix is just to reinstall Garuda.

Oh, and make sure you don't delete partitions afterwards... :grin:


This is a rather curious statement?

How do you accidentally delete your EFI partition. That is something that has to be done rather deliberately. As Jonathon already mentioned, don't do that again.

The problem is live usb is not getting detected at all

I have used various linux flavour of debian and reshat. This is the first time my bios is getting loaded with os in bios itself

Then you likely need to disable secure boot in your bios.

I don't have any option to select so. I have uploaded the screen shot of bios

That's an entirely different problem.

It does seem like this thread has an ever-changing series of issues that don't actually seem to be related to Garuda at all.


In some bios you need to set an administrator password before you can disable secure boot. Unless your computer is very old or a hamstrung bios it should be able to be disabled. Please stop posting pics I can't read them on my cell phone anyways.


I am not sure if I understood your problem correctly because the BIOS / UEFI cannot be deleted. You could reset it, but you shouldn't.

Start BIOS with F2 and, as @tbg already wrote, assign a password. Then you can deactivate "secure boot". To be on the safe side, disable "fast boot" as well. Save and exit BIOS. At the moment when you see the Samsung logo, press F10. Choose Garuda Linux. If the entry does not exist or booting does not work, select the USB stick. In Live Mode, reinstall Garuda Linux. If that doesn't work either, you have to write the Garuda Linux ISO to the USB stick again.

Whenever I press F2, the bios screen display the option to select Garuda. I have deleted a efi partition. The bios which had was normal inbuilt with Samsung laptop. Now it's different. I have posted a screenshot of same

Enter "EFI partition deleted" in your search engine. You will find a repair / recovery guide.

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I'd be tempted to reset the BIOS to defaults then just try installing Garuda again.


I had that thought too.
But for this you would either have to remove the battery if it is not soldered or change a jumper. But you should know exactly what you are doing.

Are there any other methods to reset the BIOS that I am unfamiliar with?