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Hello all, I'm using Garuda dragonized, and loving it. However, when I am using mulitple virtual desktops, I would like to have a keybind that brings up the overview of all desktops. I currently have this activity bound to sending the mouse to the left or right side of the screen, but I would like to move away from that, as I often bump the mouse into that screen side and bring up the desktop overview accidentally.

For this, I'd like to bind the 'menu' key from my Asus ROG laptop. This key is fairly unused in Garuda, and it seems to just act like a 'right-click' bringing up drop-down menus.

Is there a simple GUI way to map this key to the same function as how you can easily map the mouse gesture to zoom out and see all desktops at the same time?

This is a workspace effect.
You can change the assigned key for this in ... Workspace effects in System Settings.

Binding to the Menu key may not be possible, but you can choose whatever is available, or replace existing keybinding.


It's called Desktop Grid - the original keybinding should be CTRL+F8. You can always change it under kwin.


@fbodymechanic Thanks for the shortcut, I was able to find 'shortcuts' through a search in system settings, then added a new custom shortcut typing in CTRL+F8.

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Also, I realized that since you seem to use your computer in probably a similar workflow that I do, I don't really use the virtual desktop switcher thing much. Instead I setup meta+space to open the top left hotcorner to show all of the presently open windows. The default keybinding is Ctrl+F10 if you want to try that. This is what I use 99% of the time instead of the Virtual Desktop switcher.

This is the setting, and what you'll see.



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