(Better) FireDragon

After awhile using GarudaLinux, it is amazing.
Today I tried to use Firedragon and installed it with my addons, themes etc. It running very good, thanks for this software.

Now I have 2 thing, that could be made be better, from my perspective.

  1. Google Account
    After I logged in into my Google-Account, I got a warning with a login from a Windows machine. Maybe Firedragon is idenify as standart as Windows version? That should be fixed, please. If not so, excuse me please.

  2. Downloads are not starting automatically
    I used hours to find out, how to allow (in my case https://music.amazon.de, my paid music on amazon) to start downloads automatically. Firefox has a security feature as standart not to do so, what is an abolutelly correct behavier.
    I searched webpage for webpage with no solution working. As I found out, how to set Authorizations for a webpage I only has to allow “start video and audio” (in my case) and downloads work well.
    If there where a direct field “allow Downloads of …” (for me zip-files) that would be very nice.

Thanks for all of your work, it made great.

Bye, Christian

That is a privacy protection. If you identify as Linux it makes you much, much easier to fingerprint.


Good to know.
For the Download thing: In General-Options the Downloads are listed first, maybe there a link to something “read more information for security”

Bye Christian

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