Best way to backup?

I know that Garuda uses btrfs together with snapper and the other tools to make snapshotting easy.

But actual BACKING UP is still something I haven't figured out the best solution for.

Which folders should be backed up to keep your application list (including flatpaks and such) so they can be easily reinstalled.
Downloads, pictures, and other 'personal files' folders like that.
Settings for Firefox, Steam, other applications.

(this could be an interesting thing to build/fork into garuda itself tbh. Something that's just set and forget. But that's probably not going to happen for a while)

So I guess i'm just looking for advice / scripts / (ideally) gui applications for this stuff.

Use rsync (grsync) or borg (vorta) :slight_smile:
You can backup ~/.config and home/"folder" you like.

BTW, search in forum or web about, there are "million" of possibilities :wink:


Here is a (not so small) subset of that million :slight_smile: :
Some concepts


Personally, I use pug-hook-git to keep two gists on my GitHub one for Pacman packages, and another for aur packages to keep a list of installed packages and it gets updated every time I add or remove a package.

pCloud to keep my user files synced to the cloud ( i like how it has a pay-once model instead of a subscription)

and finally, I use rdiff-backup to backup all my dot files(config files). Alot of people use git for this also

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