Best user experience, smoothy and safely?


I'm new user in linux wolrd.
soo my laptop have my laptop Intel celeron (n4000) processor, 4gb ram and 480 gb SSD

my question is if i set up garuda linux on my laptop than give best user experience, smoothy and safely????

Thnak u

I believe this has already been posted in the group and has been answered to... Sure garuda can be used safely without any data loss if you select and install it on the correct drive / partition.. But smoothly is a whole different matter although you computer meets the requirements there may be some problems when opening an application due to high ram usage... Garuda dragonized is not meant for lower end hardware due to the heavy resource consumption... 8gb+ ram is need for a smooth experience.. You can try some light weight desktop environment like garuda xfce or use a window manager....


soooo GARUDA LXQT-Kwin this version best my laptop.... what u think???

Could just put both that version and the xfce version on a usb drive using Ventoy to see what best works for your hardware by testing it out with the live media. If neither seems smooth for your hardware (since your hardware pretty low spec), you might want to look into a lightweight distro like Puppy Linux.


Hi there, welcome to the community.

Test you may like to see Cinnamon.
It is perfectly balanced and looks good, without consuming much resources.


The only way to know would be to test it. You can use the live installer image for testing Garuda without installing on your laptop.


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