Best Kde edition

Hi I would like to try this distro but do I use The dragonized or Regular edition witch is better. I want to use reguler use BTW Thanks in advance

BTW I want to use it for multimedia use and to impress people.

Welcome aboard.

Please post you needs in a OS, that should help the devs point you in the right direction for you.

Just evryday regular use and mutimedia creation

Then personally I'd go with the KDE Ultimate. I'm general use and vedio editing here and it's what I'm running.

THX BTW how long will it thake to install

Whan was this distro relesed

It starts in 2019,
as a "fun" project from librewish. :wink:

Full releasing with the name Garuda was in March 2020


BTW Should i use the dragonized ultime

edition. I just want to use it for regular use

They are all good for regular use, only the theme is different and terminal use fish (dragonized).

But it is Linux you can change all to your liking :slight_smile:

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Witch has more features?
And witch kde do you use

If we leave out Deepin and GNOME just for fun, I would say KDE, you just have to define what features are first?

As always, you must test for yourself, for one it is a feature the other said it is bloat.

So, start and try out. You know it is all for free.

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I mean between the kde editions


Did you overlooked it?

Only terminal and theme differ.

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Witch has more apps/feature preinstalled.

you can check ISO size, more bytes more apps.

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THX Ill use the ultimate edition and just instal the dragonized themes later


Btw, witches don’t have apps :wink:


You don’t know my wife. Obviously. :wink:


You sure about that?