Benchmarks Windows vs Garuda

Ran some benchmarks and wanted to share.

Compared Windows 10 vs Garuda Linux benchmarks using Geekbench 5. I get slightly better single-core performance in Linux (1332 vs 1212), slightly lower multi-core performance (5748 vs 5842), but HUGE boost in Linux with the Turbo button (6406 vs 6091).

It's the Turbo mode that's really surprising me.

Vulkan test varies a lot from run to run but gives about 61000 in Linux vs 58000 in Windows.

Hardware: laptop
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz
GeoForce GTX 2060

Only test that ran slightly lower in Linux is the multi-core test, which is also the most important. Error margin perhaps? I'll run it again.

Ran twice more, multi-core 5926 and 6009 (without Turbo).

I'm happy to say that Garuda beats Windows in performance across the board according to Geekbench! By a noticeable margin.


Btw, I also performed some benchmark on my laptop.

Laptop specs

While windows couldn't cross even 8k in multi core, with fans at 5800rpm, Linux could easily cross 8.5k with around 2300rpm fan speed.


Windows has that pesky Defender (or a 3rd party Antimalware) installed and always running on the background. That alone slows down the OS, without a beefy enough hardware, you'll feel sluggish performance of using the PC.

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