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Hi Devs and Moderators!

The Premise

I have been watching for a few days now, how users do not read the announcements about pacman and pamac, and how they do not search before posting on the forum. New posts about "pamac" or "Add/Remove Programs" keep coming up.

My Suggestion

I suggest that you post a "banner" announcement on the Forum (not just Telegram) clearly mentioning "Add/Remove Programs" and "pamac". The title can be something like "Add/Remove programs (pamac) stopped working [Fix/Workaround]".
The reason I suggest a "banner" is because it forces the user to dismiss and close the banner on any page they open, thereby clearly forcing them to see that "Add/Remove Programs (or Pamac)" stopped working and the link to see possible workarounds.

Isn't there an announcement already? Why do we need a banner?

Regarding the announcement that is already present and pinned on the forum, the reasons why it has not prevented users from bombarding the forum with posts are:

  1. The title does not mention "Add/Remove Programs" or "Pamac". It mentions "Pacman". Why is it a problem? Because users ignore something that doesn't seem to be related to their problem (they don't know that pacman is connected to Add/Remove programs)
  2. It is not a banner, but a pinned announcement. Users will miss it, unlike banner posts which users are forced to dismiss.

Why should we consider this suggestion?

Because users are flooding the forum, giving extra work to the moderators and devs. New users will think that you are being rude by getting frustrated with them. The current problem is an overall loss for both the users and the moderators.


It seems like a reasonable idea. On the other hand, people will still not read it (seriously, from experience, people close anything that looks like a "pop-up" without reading it).


I have tested this on Forums before and it does not look like a popup. It will be effective to some extent


OK, let's see if it works any differently this time.


Thanks for this other attempt the stop the barrage of posts :slightly_smiling_face:. Hope they read it this time


Very well done in my opinion!
I was not expecting this.
It's also visually impaired proof... :crazy_face:


I don't see any new topics on pamac or Add/Remove (yet) :relaxed: since the banner. Only old topics with replies. It's been over a day. Looks like it has had some effect...


Praise be to Allah, the Lord, or whichever dietie(s) you may ascribe to for minor miracles.


I ascribe miracles to a deity called "Physics"

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