Backup software suggestions

Hello Garuda community. I’ve been using Garuda for over a year now and love it. However, the built-in backup software is lacking. I run a dedicated server for 7 days to die. I have an external raid 6 volume with 8tb of data and want to use that to backup the files. I’d prefer something with a GUI, I know I could use a cronjob but I prefer something I can visually refer back to in the event I need to update or change the settings without having to find where I put the dang script. I’ve done that countless times I create scripts forget where I put them and then have to go digging.

Borg + Vorta if you can access the device via SSH + are able to run Borg there. It’s a File-based, deduplicated and incremental backup solution with a GUI + timer via Vorta.


This doesn’t seem to bad to setup. looks like I setup a repository and then point vorta to that repository.

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Okay, that was stupid easy to setup! Thank you!

steps i took to get this running
pacman -S borg
borg init -e repokey /path/to/repo
yay -S vorta
open vorta
point to repo
setup folder(s) to backup
set schedule

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