Backlight in the cursor touchpad

Hi, i am a new user of garuda linux. I have tried different linux distro and this one just made me easy as windows and mac . recently i am using kde blackarch dragonized edition. I like it . i am using a ASUS Zenbook. It have a backlight in the keyboard and mouse trackpad as my num pad is linked to it. I found the keyboard settings and hardware is almost working but i cant use mouse numpad touch. Is there any solutions to use the num pad driver ?

The output of inxi -Fza would be a good place to start.



thanks ! it working now . I got my solution in asus zenbook page..

Please post your solution.


To Get The Numpad Embedded Into The Touchpad Of Some ASUS Laptops To Work On arch based Linux like Garuda

sudo pacman -S libevdev python-libevdev i2c-tools git

sudo modprobe i2c-devsudo i2cdetect -l

git clone

cd asus-touchpad-numpad-driver

chmod +x

sudo ./
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This driver is in the AUR. That is the preferred installation method, rather than git cloning.


haha yah !i was unknown lol :grinning:

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