Azote as background setter | Hyprland

Main features:

  • works on wlroots;
  • uses own thumbnails, 240x135px by default;
  • flips wallpapers horizontally;
  • splits wallpapers between 2 or more displays;
  • scales and crops images to detected or user-defined display dimensions;
  • generates a colour palette on the basis of an image;
  • picks a colour from the screen;
  • allows to find and edit colour definitions in .Xresources and alacritty.yml files.

Add to your

# exec-once = wpaperd            # Or delete it
exec-once = ~/.azotebg-hyprland


sudo pacman -Syu azote swaybg


sudo pacman -R wpaperd
rm -R ~/.config/wpaperd/
Something missing?

Happy weekend :slight_smile:


Ooh, I did not know that!

Maybe we can tweak the Waybar to use Azote’s generated color palette, so Waybar adapts to whatever the wallpaper is. :eyes:


Then you will remember that for proper color adaptation you will need to go all the way down to wofi then nwg-drawer and still everything will feel like messed up
But it will be interesting to see how it works, BTW :slightly_smiling_face:

Or just follow this :

I liked this guys work but I like things to be minimal but still interesting, It would might be liked by most of the people but at last it feels difficult to implement for at least me :sweat_smile: , And yeah tweaking such things can be more complicated :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s put it this way, these are all alternatives that I suggest here in the forum.
I have the waybar (below) semi-transparent (blur) and don’t need to adjust it to the background.
We provide a basis that users can design according to their wishes.
I had read on Telegram this morning (or yesterday) that someone didn’t like the constant background change.
You can increase the interval or switch to Azote. That’s why I put it here.

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Oh, yeah that’s completely my thing :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually have set interval in my config as 1 minute as I have around 100 wallpapers, not too much I guess :sweat_smile:
BTW, can’t he change it for himself ?
I expect him to be advance user, at least more advance then me :grin:

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:100: I think I have over 500 wallpaper images. Many are images I downloaded from APOD: Astronomy Photo of the Day. I also have a lot of “city at night” images from Unsplash. They all make excellent dark backgrounds. I have the interval at 5 mins cuz why not?! :wink:

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Currently I have 281 images most of them are either of anime , night city , nature or space related . And interval is 1 minute .
Thanks for motivating me to collect more images :grin:

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