Awkward greetings from America

Hi all!:smiley:
I've been obnoxiously hogging the assistance category,
and felt it necessary to make an intro thread for etiquette's sake
(maybe wrong, idek, gimme that seal anyway! lol).

I've dabbled with linux since 2010ish and thought Ubuntu (lucid lynx) 10.04 was the best thing ever invented at the time. I got software(->math->philosophy) obsessed and went to college for 6 years trying to get a degree in CS. Finished my minors, lost interest(and funds lol) in finishing everything else.

The Garuda project is compelling on many fronts (gaming, privacy, etc). I see few projects worth contributing toward in comparison. I will gladly hear any attempts at a rebuttal tho.
In fact, I've only heard one (potentially) valid complaint aside from the ridiculous bloated meme response, which was that supposedly much of garuda is ripped from manjaro or other distros. Isn't all great art imitation, though?

All that aside, you'll have no naysaying from me. I find Garuda especially enticing by learning why so many design choices are premade for the user. I'm curious to know how many professional devs contribute. I hope to giveback to this community as much as possible tho I am only a hobbyist. I already owe a great debt. Please be ruthless with what gruntwork is needed from me to further the project. I aim to gain trust and become impactful quickly.

Just wanted to say hello and thanks to the devs/community/team for the
tolerance/help/excellent work with this impressive project!:pray:
Easily the most inspiring distro I've come across in years...heck, prolly ever


Happy 4th! :smiley:


Barbecues literally everywhere here lool
Please let me migrate to your country once mine soon collapses :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, happy 4th of July to our American cousins down south, and welcome to the Garuda community.

:wave: :fireworks:


What are your personal interests? Let's see if we can find ya something to do that you would enjoy if you wanna lend a hand!


I struggle to not find interest in most things. With Garuda, my curiosity has really been piqued with several defaults. Firedragon employs such an impressive arsenal of privacy empowering tools I never knew about previously. I'm learning fish is amazing and I'm so confused how I've been in the dark about both of these programs.

I assumed projects like this have enough creative chiefs stewarding the ship, I figured I'd be best utilized for documentation, but I think I need to prove myself here in the forum first before such privileges would be granted. But yeah, I would love to help bolster the wiki eventually. (>.> wasn't able to find the KDE cheatsheet in the wiki)

If the wiki is in no search for help, I am unsure how useful I can be at this exact moment lol. I've dabbled in plenty of programming projects, but nothing professional, and never something as serious as Garuda. BUT I'd like to give it a try. Linux has always only been a hobby for me(started at 15/ am now 28) as a way to show people that there are (better)alternatives to windows/mac software, but Garuda gives me an opportunity to contribute a lot of the little things I've learned along the way.

For now I'm making plenty of friends here that are teaching me a lot. I will stay in study for now, but know that I aim to rise through the ranks swiftly enough. I will try to dedicate time to the forum until I find a best way to contribute :sunglasses:


Indeed, but luckily pull requests exist that make it possible to contribute immediately!

Oh, were all volunteers here, in a way we're all hobbyists like you :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome... to the real world.
twiddles GIF

Good intro, btw.


"Pretty" is one thing, and so is the interesting layout, if you are writing about the dr4gonized KDE. The layout is very opinionated, yes. But the backend choices are mostly left up to the user--you. Those are the items such as the audio backend, the power save and performance settings, SAMBA setup, printing support, yada, yada, all with only a checkbox.

Garuda provides you with the ability to do all of that and more, and then a means of system resurrection once you've screwed the pooch making too many modifications of your own. Darned nifty, yes!

And if you want to build it upwards from a lean, mean, fighting machine you can install the KDE Lite version of Garuda. And it also has all of the same settings managers and helpers as the dr4gonized KDE.

Welcome to Garuda Linux! :slight_smile:


Garuda grew out of LibreWish's ManjaroWish spin, uses some Manjaro tooling, and is based on Arch, so if that's being "ripped" from other distros then I think all distros (maybe apart from Slackware?) are guilty.

This is great - but also keep in mind that long-term contributions tend to be more valuable to open-source projects than a short-lived big splash (e.g. someone creating a great new tool but getting bored and moving on and leaving the tool unmaintained is... not great).