Awesome WM request

Hi y'all,
All of your garuda versions are great. I would love Awesome window manager with garuda specialisations ;p pls see to this.

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That reads more like a command, and the Garuda developers aren't here to work for you - unless you're going to pay them to do the work by any chance?


While it is totally awesome(pun intended) to make cool new suggestions, please bear in mind that the devs are not superhuman to implement every small suggestion. this as many other linux projects is a passion project and priority of the devs will be to make their decisions according to the direction they want to take the project. it is not compulsory that they will implement it but always feel free to make suggestions. what is not okay however is demanding that "xyz feature" must be implemented. this is not to cause offense or anything but it is important the users understand the devs cant literally make an entire new edition without enough demand and no one to maintain that edition.


I actually made one (without teming) with garuda iso tool the only problem is it look an hour to compile.

Did I hear you volunteer to make one? Please, step right up!

That's how it works sometimes. :smiley:

Use the tools, young Jedi.



I am currently working on that one. ;p I am also trying to configure Qtile and Xmonad for myself but as soon as I get it done I will post my configs on Github and share it here


Let me help.

Yeah sure.. Hop in.. I am currently facing some errors while compiling xmonad config.. I think its something to do with Haskell dependancies

Xnomad? what

Xmonad.. Its a tiling Window manager. Written and configured in Haskell

I thought you were working on awsomeWM. My mistake

What does your xnomad desktop/cnfig look like?

The problem with window managers, is they are just so very specific for each person. That's kind of the point of window managers, right? So, for Garuda, or anyone to create an Awesome distro or bspwm or whatever. . . It's basically just the dev's opinion for how they want their WM to work. I dunno. Seems excessive to me.

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People don't want to put in the work required to do it themselves. Which is sad because that is the whole point...


Exactly. Which is why I don't use a WM anymore haha. I'm just too lazy for that anymore.

Oh, My Effing Gawd...the first time I installed OpenBox in Arch...met with nothing--nothing!--I thought I was gonna die. I had run early Manjaro OB & ArchBang but didn't realize... :wink:


I already ran Manjaro i3. Changed some configs and thought I was tough and wanted to do my own arch i3.

I think that install lasted like any hour before I gave up, and i3 even give me a base config. That's when I looked into and learned I could add i3 to xfce and I went that direction. But a complete wm? Anyone who does that has my condolences.

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