Awesome rice

Awesome Garuda

Here's my minimal Awesome window manager configuration. As I have stated before, and repeating myself now, I want a Garuda edition for Awesome window manager. I am open to modifications and customisations. Please let me know.
Theming in this config:
compositor:- picom-jonaburg-git (AUR)
Font: Fantasque Sans Mono (first time I used it and fell in love)
Icon Theme: Tela circle purple dark (although I like Beautyline too)
Cursor Theme: Vimix-cursors dark/white
GTK-Theme: Sweet Dark (are there any second thoughts on that?)
Kvantum Theme: Sweet by eliverlara (although I am currently using WinSur-dark for my Plasma rice)
Widgets: i3lock-fancy-git, volume widget(arc), Kde connect indicator, textclock (looking for an alternative for this)
Top-bar: builtin Awesome-Wibar

Next steps (correct me) :wink: :-

learning the build process of an iso


here's the link for config files.


awesome wallpaper :wink: trail version.


In a nutshell

  1. install garuda-tools-iso-git
sudo pacman -S garuda-tools-iso-git
  1. git clone the iso-profiles
git clone
  1. build the iso using following command
buildiso -f -p awesome (When you made the iso profiles.)

aw hell yeah! I like these :wink:

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Check 3 to 6 too :wink:

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Also if it possible I would like something like a GUI config manager. but I dont know bcs Wayfire is just managed by dosini files and implementing that for lua would be hard.. but just for custom keybindings could shouldnt be hard. will have to look into it

I was just looking into bspwm iso-profile. I saw that it uses xfce as session. actually I havent done that with my awesome build.. for polkit, I just use lxsession. But I am wondering if I should add something like that or just keep it in common with bspwm. Pls guide me

As you wish. I used XFCE in this case to make it easier to get into window managers - BSPWM can be integrated into XFCE to be more "DE" like :slight_smile:


I recently reinstalled.. and I am trying to install the buildtools pkg. is it removed from the repositories?