Awesome free & opensource projects

I want to share what awesome projects I found during my Linux journey. Feel free to suggest, I will update this post every time I will find something cool.

  • Onlyoffice is able to open Microsoft Office documents better than Microsoft Office Online. Or at least they assure us about that. It's free for personal use and non-free for commercial use.

  • Zaread is a small script that uses Libreoffice to translate Microsoft office documents to PDF, and then shows it in Zathura, a small terminal text viewer. You can read DOCX in your terminal, damn!

  • Youtube:

  • youtube-dl lets you download any video from Youtube and from some other sites too. You can change resolution, add metadata, choose to download only audio, etc.

  • Freetube is a Chromium-based app that stores all your subscribitions, history and bookmarks locally. It also can use Invidious (a FOSS Youtube frontend) to make you even more anonymous.

  • ytfzf uses fzf or any other dmenu-like menu to offer you videos from Youtube and then uses mpv video player to play them.
    Btw, yes, you can use mpv to play any video from Youtube.

  • Voice chat:

  • Lightcord is FOSS client for Discord that mitigates some spooky tech that Discord uses to spy on you. Also, it integrates BetterDiscord for better Discord!

  • Jami is a FOSS peer-to-peer app for video/audio calls and messaging. It doesn't require an email or a phone. Just grab your id and give it to your companion.

  • Privacy/Networking:

  • IPFS is like torrent, but it's actually a giant distributed filesystem. It's epic, it's fast, and it powers some other cool projects too. Like cyber. What is cyber? Oh, it's just a plan to make a neuronetwork that can answer all your questions instead of Google. Or Bing. Or Yandex. About search engines, btw:

  • Whoogle is already integrated in Firedragon on Garuda. It's a FOSS Google wrapper without spookiness.

  • Searx is a meta-search engine. It means that it can collect data from any other search engine.

  • Wiby is a search engine for minimalist websites. No Javascript, simple design. That's what you need to make it in queries of this search engine.

  • i2p is like Tor network, but smaller and obscurer. You can't use it to access Clearnet, unless you use some form of gateway, but it's definitely secure. Trust me.

  • Freenet is like i2p, but you can't access Clearnet at all. And that time it's totally secure. Probably.

  • RiseUpVPN is a VPN hosted by RiseUp, a non-profit leftist organization thanks to donations. They also host a secure email service and do tons of other cool things. You should definitely consider donating them if you use their services. It's hard to host so many things like they do.
    Open hardware projects:

  • RISC-V. An open specification for CPU instructions + a CPU architecture itself. So far, it's our only hope for completely free computing experience without any spyware at a hardware level. Yes, Intel and AMD, we are talking about Intel Management Engine and Platform Security Processor.

  • About that, most of the parts of Intel Management engine can be cleared with me_cleaner. But what to do with PSP? Well...

  • Aweigh is an opensource alternative to GPS, it is inspired by the mapping of celestial bodies and the polarized vision of insects. Obviously, it works offline and stores all info locally. All the specifications are public and the first devices are based on a Raspberry Pi. You can make it yourself, if you want an interesting alternative to Google Maps.
    That's about it for now. Again, suggest your favorite projects below.


Nice idea for a thread.
Although I would prefer real world description, meaning after it is used, having personal experience and preferably some comparison with similar solutions.
Pasting vendors'/devs' description sounds just like an advertisement to me :man_shrugging:


So should I post only about what was used by me, and in a serious manner with proper comparison? I need to remove Jami (because I have no friends to talk to there), RISC-V, me_cleaner and Aweigh then. All others were used by me. Maybe not sufficiently for a side-by-side comparison with other projects, but I also tried avoiding non-unique projects here.

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