Autostart Not Working for Login Scripts

When adding my own script it did not load even with it being chmod +x

With the default I had to chmod +x then add what I wanted inside.

Please update the Autostart to work with other .sh file after adding them for start up.

Thank you.

KDE Bug?



Please no pictures from terminal and system settings


Well, I had the same problem, but with older edition.

It wasn't solved, but I made a .desktop file and it worked fine. :grin:


With my installation (26 Nov - garuda-dr460nized r51.0ea2203-1), autostart-scripts/ was not executable, while autostart/*.desktop were executable.
The .desktop files should not be executable. They also fill journal with cosmetic errors about it.
Now I realize why the setup script never self-deleted (as is the content code) :laughing:


I did not get the .desktop working but I got the script working by adding the #!/bin/sh in the first line.

On xfce desktop it worked without that line.

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