Autorecover Latte

Latte (in the KDE edition) crashes frequently (1-2 times a month) and leaves us without any panel at the top and without a dock at the bottom.

I suggest, that Garuda takes this into consideration by watching the process and simply restarting it when it crashes.

I guess there are use cases, where some people like it to shutdown, without uninstalling it, and I think this edge case is rare enough that we let these people disable the auto-recover by hand.

So far as I understand, is systemd able to watch and restart such a process.

Thanks a lot

Just use garuda-assistant :smiley:


There are also additional options, if your latte configuration is heavily customized:

  • use your backups
  • export your layout and import it back when needed
  • tools like the "plasma customization saver" (plasmaconfigsaver) widget. I tried it long ago when in the mood of heavily changing my theme (to be precise creating several alternatives) and I think it works fine, with a few minor issues (no issues with latte)

I think what OP meant is restarting Latte automatically if it crashes, not actual configuration recovery.

I'll think about it, even though it rarely happens to me tbh.


I just hit Alt+F2 and type in "latte dock". Also I had the dock crash and autorecover in some cases.


I use alias restartlatte='latte-dock --replace &' to restart it. It crashes so infrequently it's almost never used, even though I use latte-dock-git it's been very stable. The only issues that happen are when I open more than 50 windows at a time. It seems like a disproportionate amount of effort to fix something that's not causing much issue.... Crashing frequently to me means daily rather than a couple times a month.


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