Autoplay on youtube music?


dont hate me (too much! :laughing:) for using youtube music!

firedragon is blocking the ads, so i wonder as a consequence is this the reason it wont autoplay to the next song?

thoughts anyone? (havent found anything on this in searching ... if i missed it, sorry)

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Open the Settings and search for Autoplay.
Set e.g. Allow audio and video and you should be OK.



you are too kind! im an dummy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

so, to whoever comes here:

  1. you can manage per site via autoplay icon autoplay to the left of the URL in the location bar
  2. if you go to settings use search and enter autoplay
    1. you can NOT add sites from this location. to do so see point 1 above
    2. you can manage settings for the default case and for specific sites added via point 1 above

(if/where im wrong feel free to point out and i will edit this!)

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You are not the only one using Youtube Music. I just switched from Amazon Music which was crap. YM, evil Google corp as they are, has really good remixes, thanks to Youtube itself, that other music services don't have. Plus, their recommendation/auto-play is excellent, most improved algorithms over yesteryear.

Just so you know, there is an excellent standalone YM player called 'youtube-music-bin' which is in chaotic aur's repos. Nice system tray icon to minimize to, etc.


thx man!

im old and so used songza which i loved for those exact mix reasons .. which Google bought i believe.

will try out youtube-music-bin right now!


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