Auto login selected

Recently installed the sway edition & selected auto-login in the installer. During boot, the login screen is presented.

Just new too tiling WM & trying to find a config file to change the behavior ...

Thanks for any advise.

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@GreenMartian, where did you go?

Very nice to see you back @GreenMartian. Unfortunately, I don't have any helpful advice for you, as I do not use any of the WM's. I've always been a KDE guy since day one.


Since Sway uses qtgreet, whatever autologin Calamares is trying to set up will not work. Autologin has to be specified in the greetd config file.

sudo micro /etc/greetd/config.toml

You can leave the file as it is, just skip down to the bottom and add a few lines like so:

command = "sway"
user = "GreenMartian"

Reboot, enjoy not logging in. :slightly_smiling_face:

More: greetd - ArchWiki


right on!!!!

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