Audio on live iso?


I have loaded up Garuda from two live iso’s - Dragonised and KDE Lite.
Neither gives sound.

Is this an issue? Will sound be available after an install or is the live iso a good indicator that there is an issue?

ps I just loaded a live iso of Arcoplasma to see if it is an arch thing. The Arcoplasma iso has sound, so I will rule that out.


Please provide your garuda-inxi, as requested in the topic template.
This is the fourth topic you opened, and the garuda-inxi was never provided.
For issues related to networking, display, but also audio, this provides very useful information, even, as in this case, just from a live iso.


Ok, noted. Apologies.

nb. Booting back into the Garuda iso I found sound to be working now.