Audio keeps freezing

Hello, I hope y’all are and will continue to do well today and into the future. I’m about to blow a screw out of my head. Garuda is a great operating system and this isn’t to offend any of the users/owners in any way, shape, or form. However, after a successful install on a VM(yes, sorry. I like using them), it doesn’t play any sound. I’m familiar with PulseAudio, so i deleted the current packages and installed PA. However, this seems like such a bad move in retrospect. I reinstalled and noted that there was no audio connection. The videos play fine unlike before, but instead of just not playing, there is no audio. I’m soliciting your help, please help!

Garuda isn't meant to run on a VM.
It is explicitly mentioned on the wiki - System requirements & notes | Garuda Linux wiki

Anyways, about your issue, I believe Garuda comes with pipewire by default.
Maybe it will help to look in System Components in the Garuda Assistant?

Try it on bare metal if you want serious help from more knowledgeable people.

BTW, welcome to the forum.


Just like for the barebones and Blackarch versions, there is no support for VM installations.

Therefore closed.