Audio issues on iMac 2015

Hello community I installed Garuda on my iMac 2015 on an external SSD few hours ago, so now here's the issue

Sound didn't work at first so i went through the settings and changed the soundcard to surround 4.0 and it worked except the volume was up all the way to 100%

ok so issue #1 solved, now to control the volume (issue #2)

i looked around did a lot of research and ended up with alsamixer, i installed it and now im able to control the volume, but

  1. the settings don't change
  2. master volume is different from PCM volume

I would like to set master volume to match with PCM volume (or rather mirror master volume to PCM) so i can control it with my keyboard and also via the menu bar icon

Thanks in advance

This is not a forum for Apple hardware problems or questions.
We are happy to help if possible, but some of it is outside our and the Garuda Linux OS area.
Try the Arch Linux Wiki, try other hackintosh forums and so on.
We can't do it for you, unfortunately.

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Since I use the same 2015 mac I fixed the issue with this process,

Cheers, Ayush Roy

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Nice one @ayushhroyy, thank you for the tip and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will close this one down though because of the age of the thread.

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