ASUS Vivobook S14 + Garuda Linux

I am trying things you have told me, but in the meantime I will leave this here:

My previus laptop:

My current laptop:

As mentioned around here, it's most likely all about AHCI, but I'm still trying to find a solution to change the SATA mode to AHCI, because that option I'm missing on the current laptop is what's bothering me :anger:

I'm trying to look for the BIOS manual for my laptop, but I'm not having much success because I'm only finding BIOS manuals for other models that evidently, don't match mine (although I might also be terrible at searching...) and on the other hand, the ASUS website doesn't offer much in the way of documentation directly: filtering by model in the documentation section and stuff :mag: :eye:

Ask the shop you purchased it from.

Have you checked submenus going deeper into each of them . For example the storage related stuff with intel rapid in your screenshot. Maybe they have it hidden under submenu's jargon name instead of data controller mostly it's realated to something storage controller

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Give it another week or so for kernels, etc. to work correctly. You can't always expect a brand new machine to work (or work well) right off the shelf. It usually takes the bits and pieces a little while to catch up. It's so common maybe others forgot to express this commonality. It could also be BIOS settings.

Remember--your new machine was built to run Windows. And it probably has a ton of security setting in the BIOS that you don't understand (MS does). Trusted Platform bullshit stuff. If your BIOS settings are anywhere close to what MS demands for Win 11, it is significant to note that those Win 11 "security" settings may not let your machine boot correctly in Linux, and maybe not at all (in Linux). MS doesn't want anyone using anything but Windows. Please also note that BIOS manufacturers may call those security settings something different than how MS references them. Mine does.


P.S. Have you tried other distributions?


Yes, and also with Manjaro, but unfortunately I had no luck :pensive:

Given my circumstances and following the last thing @c00ter said, I think the best and most optimal will be to use Kali on the laptop, for the time being.

However, I will continue to use Garuda on my desktop, so... :sunglasses:

Thanks to all of you for your help! I think I've learned a lot with the amount of information I've been looking for based on what you guys have been telling me. Hahahaha :joy:

See you around the forum! :black_heart::fire: