Asus TUF Gaming A15 laptop pros/cons

how do you find garuda to be working on tuf a15. performance wise and nvidia support wise. could you make a small review of the things that work well, work meh and dont work. i am asking this because it might be a prospect for me later.


It performs AMAZINGLY. Totally one of the best deals I've ever made. It's as fast as my main desktop that has a 3900X on it. My exact specs are:

  • 4800H
  • 2060 mobile
  • 16 GBs of RAM
  • 512 GBs M.2 with a second slot
  • OS is Garuda KDE Ultimate on X11

I got it for 1450 euros in Greece which is rather good considering the RX6800XT costs as much right now.

I will give some general benchmarks so you can get a picture, all games are with Reshade Effects enabled (Coloufulness, FakeHDR, FakeMotionBlur, PPFX_Bloom in Metroid Prime and Cyberpunk, PPFX_Godrays in Metroid Prime and Vibrance):

  • The Legend of Zelda BOTW on Cemu: 40 FPS while not streaming, 30 FPS while streaming with NVENC in 1080p, Clarity, AA, 200% Shadow Resolution, FPS++ enabled
  • Cyberpunk: 40 FPS while not streaming, 30-40 FPS while streaming on 1080p Medium
  • Control: 45 FPS while not streaming in High
  • Dragonball Z Kakarot: 30 FPS locked in Ultra
  • Metroid Prime: 60 FPS locked with everything enabled

Generally it's a VERY decent laptop,even with a 2060, the only problem is that it does indeed get very hot at times. In BOTW the CPU reached 103 C at some point and I was scared the laptop was gonna melt. XD
Usually it's around 85-95 in demanding games and 75-85 in not so demanding games (by demanding I mean CPU intensive, the max GPU temperature I got was like 77 C). But to the laptop's defense it hasn't lagged a single moment while gaming. I don't know if it will shut off if it reaches 105 C but the 103 C are definitely not a good sign for the future. Generally I would totally recommend it, just make sure the laptop is cleaned in reasonable intervals of time and you should be good.

The keyboard and touchpad are really good and RGB works just fine. Sound is good too when not wearing headphones. Also I didn't mention this but the WiFi on this is amazing (especially now that it's fixed after supsension too XD). I got 13 MBps on WiFi while downloading from Steam. I don't get this speed even on Ethernet on my main machine(it's usually around 11-12 MBps on Ethernet).

All in all it's an amazing machine and even in high temperatures it doesn't thermal throttle (at least yet) so I would totally recommend it for a reasonable price (which should be the case with this machine). Also if you're interested get it with no OS on it. I payed 200 euros less just cause of no OS. Hope I was a little helpful. :smiley:

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is that on linux? or windows?

The FPS? On Garuda KDE Ultimate.

That's nice I think garuda+ windows+ asus tuf a15 ryzen 5 4600H config will last me well over 4 years for college.

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Oh yeah if you don't care about high end stuff for sure. And the 4600H model I think is really reasonable in price. :smiley:

Yeah it'll be pretty much equal to my desktop setup in performance. Except GPU performance which is slightly less because of less thermal headroom of GTX 1650 on laptop.

OK streamed some Cyberpunk and Horizon Zero Dawn, both games with 0 issues (I even used Fullscreen for HZD).

  • Cyberpunk: 30-40 FPS while streaming and Reshade enabled on 1080p Medium
  • Horizon Zero Dawn: 25-35 while streaming and Reshade enabled on 1080p Medium

I was changing workspaces to check on chat while playing the games and there were no issues at all. I also streamed BOTW yesterday for an hour and even tho the temperatures were high the game never slowed down or lagged or anything. This machine is a proper beast! :smiley: \o/

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are there any issues with nvidia drivers out of the box?

0 issues. Everything worked out of the box. I just can't get Valhalla running for some reason, I've tried everything. I may look if there is a Lutris installer available but everything else just worked after the initial update. :smiley:

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Noice. This laptop is looking like a very good one for its price.

Yeah I'm really satisfied and impressed with its performance. I even recommended it to a friend. If you don't mind the high temps in certain games, it's insanely cool for the price. :smiley:

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I necrobump this thread just to say. Do NOT attempt to install Windows on this laptop. The WiFi won't work properly at all (or at least it doesn't for me) no matter what you try. On the contrary I reinstalled Garuda and everything works out of the box in the latest release (even WiFi after suspension which used to be an issue). So yeah, I just wanted to say a BIG thanx to the Garuda team for such great work. :slight_smile:

I think what you meant to say was:

Do NOT attempt to install Windows on ANY laptop.