Asking about gaming edition for gnome

I'm not sure where to post this because I did not find a garuda reddit or discord so I'm posting the question here, is there a gaming edition of garuda gnome, there is one for kde and its nice but I prefer gnome, but it sucks having to install all the proton versions and proton-ge and other gaming software, there seems to be no gaming version for the gnome desktop on the website but searching these forums I found a video review of a gnome "gaming" edition, it seems like this existed in the past but not anymore? It would be great to know.

Would it be easy just to replace the KDE that comes in dragonized with Gnome DE?

It used to exist, but doesn't anymore now. The garuda-gamer application should help you get set up, though.

Honestly, personally, I never saw a point in any of the gaming editions, because they simply include so much software I would never ever need. I always just preferred starting from a clean system and installing steam and everything else I need, and not have to worry about removing the mountains of software that comes with any of the gaming editions.


I googled it and i'm being trolled... searched for removing kde and installing gnome, and every result is removing gnome to install KDE.

I mean, that is the way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is because in most distros GNome is the default desktop environment. So, it makes sense that people want to remove the default and replace it with something else. Therefore, you're not being trolled.

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it's not that hard. you could also just install gnome and then remove kde after you started it.

then again, it doesn't make much sense. all the software you get preinstalled with the gaming edition is easily installed afterwards through the assistant.

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oh okay if the assistant installs it all then its fine, its just that whenever I tried proton it was kinda broken but on garuda things worked immediately, (might have just been the game), so yeah guess I'll use the assistant

just my opinion but kde's interface looks bad and just doesn't feel right, garuda makes it 10x better but gnome still tops KDE when it comes to the look and feel, but KDE is more customizable

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C'mon surely we're the ones being trolled. You seriously expect us to believe anyone would uninstall KDE and replace it with Gnome!!!? :crazy_face: :rofl:


It just another reason why I love Linux and the choices we have! Personally I can't stand Gnome, but you do and that's super cool.


seems like a holy war against the non-believers is in order

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