Are you happy with Garuda overall

This is what #issues-assistance:newbies is supposed to be there for. Unfortunately, some people can't even manage that and post into #community instead (an area that's supposed to be for general discussion rather than for help).


I think most of the negative criticism Garuda gets, from Distrowatch or YouTube or wherever, is from people who don't really understand what it is.

There is also this bizarre tendency toward unfair expectations with regards to smaller distros, which still perplexes me. If a piece of software or hardware doesn't work on Windows, people almost immediately accept it and move on--that's just the way it is, oh well, nothing you can do. But if they install Garuda on their machine and their network card doesn't work or they can't install their printer or something, well that's just a disgrace and how dare you even put Garuda out there for people when it's obviously all broken and shitty! :exploding_head:

In general, having a bad experience is a more motivating factor for taking the time to leave a review on something than having a good one is. It's a way of venting your frustration perhaps, or some kind of "this will show them!" In this way, human nature tends to skew these kinds of things toward the negative.

This thread is evidence that there are plenty of people who are perfectly happy with Garuda--even enthusiastically so--who will probably never bother to go to this link right here and spend thirty seconds of their time saying something nice. Not the end of the world--just human nature.

This part here will be a bit OT, but it looks like no one is counting in this thread:

My phone was becoming practically unusable (it's a 2018 model) and I eventually decided I was going to try flashing Lineage OS on it because I felt like I had nothing to lose. I gotta say, it's blazing fast now (doesn't have Google services running in the background). I still experience some glitchiness with the screen (phantom presses), so I think I have some hardware failure creeping in...but if you're getting fed up with Google Android (talk about bloat!) I'd say consider it.


11/10 all my games on steam ,epic games and ubisoft games launcher are working just perfect ! could not stay with windows a OS that the creators forgot what even (pc) mean lol thx alot i really enjoy too the stability for an arch based distros GG guys.


Nice to hear that and welcome to the Garuda forum :slight_smile: :+1:t2:


I think that may be an overall innate skillset that some people have--the empathy that drives them to try to be helpful. Where it becomes unhealthy seems (to me) to be when the helper expects something in return. That's not help that is bargaining. Even a thank you would be nice, but that is not the point. The gift is in the giving.

Lennon & McCartney said it best, perhaps. "But in the end...the love you take is equal to the love you make."

My 2-cents from an old hippy.


Ok I cannot pass over this one on my personal experience which explains exactly just that you said.

This winter I was building a miniPC box for my father with Garuda on it. My father is very old and manages super super super bad his computer, I have to limit him in the smallest sandbox as possible but still have very excellent flexibility to tweak things here and there to help him use the machine with only what he needs in his face and nothing more. Trouble reading, seeing, etc... need to play with sizes, colors, etc. Needed to make it almost dumb-free. Garuda is the only distro out of almost 8+ that I've tried that allows me to do all that, including maintenance, with the least amount of difficulty (mostly a matter of time rather than difficulty/troubleshooting since I know Garuda enough already).

The 1st box I was setting up for him couldn't sleep or wake-up correctly, it was erratic with every distro. This feature is an absolute must for him and must be quick and effort-free for him to activate, like on his older iMac. I had a hunch it was hardware issue, I never posted about this, bought a different box and ta-da! Everything worked flawless!

That last thing was to connect wifi on the new box. Of course this one failed cuz the last configuration step sort of always fails, right. loll The wifi is a MT7921K which has proven to be not very good yet with linux-firmware and stuff. But that's just it, I Whoogled a lot and read a bunch of posts and some apparent fixes, but also that it was pretty new and still not fully supported. It's impossible for my father to use cable due to home configuration. So I took the AX200 card from my other box and swapped if in the new box, ta-da again! My father is super happy.

So 2 big hardware issues here, none have anything to do with Garuda and just by searching and testing you can see where the problem is and most of it, where it's not! (Garuda)

Many people would be tempted to think "if it ain't working it's Garuda's fault." And that's a reason for them to downvote cuz they're not doing the basic troubleshooting steps in the 1st place. :frowning:

EDIT: The only time I open a help request on the forum is when I am pretty sure the problem is Garuda related or if I tried everything I could (and I have a lot of creativity) think of and still no clue on what the issue is or how to troubleshoot it. Then I post to get ideas from other people. The best example is this one about Whoogle-git not working Whoogle-git self-hosted unable to reach localhost:5000.
I want to thank again @khaneliman for helping on troubleshooting, I would NEVER have thought looking there by myself...


First off, I'm happy to see the Team using Discourse for this forum. Best choice, in my opinion. Thank you.

Sticking with the original question to hand, as of today, I'd rate Garuda as 9/10. No, the missing point has nothing inherently to do with Garuda; rather, it lies more in that fact that I do not believe perfection is attainable.

I was completely unaware of Garuda or the background to the distro or any of that until hearing about it on a podcast several months ago. I gave up on distro-hopping years ago - okay, more than a decade ago and have been using Linux as a daily driver for 13 years. I've primarily used openSUSE and Ubuntu, but tried almost everything. Over the past couple of years, I'd settled on using KDE Plasma and set it up in a way that suited me well to balance getting work done and having fun. For me, this means a balance between the CLI and GUI.

Due to life, I'd not actually looked into Garuda until this past week end. Seeing the screenshots of the Garuda KDE Dr460nized I almost dropped my computer on the floor. It looked as if someone had taken my handmade DE and added the Latte doc and a different background. I was shocked. Literally, the layout, the apps and packages, even the icons were 98% identical!

Last autumn, I got a new (to me) laptop and have grown frustrated with dealing with constant Nvidia driver problems not always playing nice on that distro. If it weren't for that, I'd never even have looked and switched.

It took me less than 15 minutes to install Garuda and almost everything that I use was available during setup/install - a new and pleasant experience. Frankly, Distrowatch is a joke and has been for ages. I don't currently know anyone that takes it seriously or puts any weight into it.

In this divisive world we find ourselves living, people are going to hate and will claim they aren't hating, rather claim they are not standing by some injustice. Those people are only lying to themselves; because, seeing something any differently would turn their worldview and everything they believe on its head. Don't waste your time and energy. Life is too short. I support a zero tolerance policy on hate/religion/politics. My partner would hasten to add that I have a zero tolerance policy for fools as well, but that's not very nice now, is it?

Well done to the devs. Keep up the nice work. I suspect I will find myself using this for a long time.

For anyone who cares:

Host: Dell XPS15
CPU: Intel i7
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (mobile)
Memory: 32Gb Crucial
HD: Samsung 970 Evo Pro NVMe M.2 500Gb (hey, I have 10Tb server in the house so who needs more - for now).

One last point. For some reason, registration emails took almost 3 hours to arrive with my regular email provider. When using a generic "free" email account, I got the registration email in about 60 seconds. I run an instance of Discourse and haven't seen this before.

Edit #3: I forgot to mention, I'm so happy Garuda uses btrfs! Thank you.


I agree with you. However, I could say the same thing about Windows, and it is the preimmenent OS on the planet. As with Windows, Distrowatch is the preimmenent website where most newbs unfamiliar with Linux go to find a distro to test out.

While I find their ranking system a joke, I do take pride in seeing Garuda receive honest and fair reviews that spin it in a positive light. That is just human nature, we all like to recieve positive feedback on something we've spent a lot of time working on.

While the rankings may be a joke at DW, it's influence cannot be denied. Until we were listed at DW we were basically totally unheard of and the forum here was a ghost town. As soon as we were listed on DW our downloads and forum usage exploded. There is no denying that DW still has a huge influence on exposure for a new little known distro.

Like it or lump it, Distrowatch is still like the Pied Piper when it comes to leading the hoards of disgruntled Windows users to a distros doorstep.


That got a good chuckle - thanks.

I do not disagree, but I still find it absolutely dumbfounding, this is true.

As all of you rightly should do!

Your point is well received and I have no argument. But it does not diminish the fact that I am still amazed at the fact after 15 years. Obviously, I need to work on acceptance of some things.


I did install Garuda twice: The first time as I did register to the forum and write my presentation and i did not have luck: It did not start. And today after reading the announcement at
And today I discover this really fantastic distribution! It works fine and I am using it now.
I did install the version with the cinnamon environment as NEMO is my absoluterly prefered file AND TREE manager!
The installation would be very fast and your reach your objective with precision help by the 2 stage of offered post=installation.
The only one matter being unpleasant for me is were the snapshot I did not know how to make later as I did not have so much time to spend to the installation today morning.
The software I did already meet (I did not use all parts, of course!) is absolutely fresh and seems to work perfectly. The system is fast.
As I am absolutely newcomer in Arch derivates, I have probably to learn a lot before I can do all what I did do until now mainly in Debian derivates and ext4 systems...
Thank you very much to all the Garuda staff!


I goto Distrowatch all the time, sometimes expressly "to find a distro to test out." Boredom takes its victims. It's also handy when searching for Arch-based distributions when the Grand High Poohbahs of one chase me away to another.

Even when that's not the case, anything that devotes itself to Linux is just fine by me.


I would have to give the distro a solid 9/10 I love it and was using it for quite a while on my desktop. That being said, at the same time I was also using Endeavour on my laptop and kinda ended up liking it a little bit better. It was nothing that Garuda did wrong, but rather what they did right. I like that during the install I could deselect packages if I didn't want them to be installed out of the box. I get why that isn't the case for Garuda as it is trying to do something different, and I am ok with that. If it means anything I still like participating on the forum, and I use some bits and pieces from Garuda on Endeavour (like btrfs-assistant, and chaotic-aur)

Things I like about Garuda though are several of the out-of-the-box decisions such as btrfs, snapper, chaotic-aur, fish, and micro. I wasn't a big fan of firedragon (but in that same vein I have grown to not like Firefox at all) and I wasn't that big of a fan of the zen kernel only because it messed up an update on me once which never happened to me with the regular arch Linux kernel.


I just finished reading through this thread. There are some opinionated folks around here to say the least.

My distaste for DistroWatch dilutes my interest in going over and leaving a review. Any respectable distro though will serve a limited number of people's needs well, and Garuda does that for me. I like many of the defaults, and it has a pleasant level of automation while leaving me free and capable of doing what I want with it. Other distros serve others' needs better, and that's fine.

I'm not a developer, but I'd like to contribute where possible, to give back in return for the nearly one year I've spent benefiting from the project. Docs or copywriting would be the extent of it.


Very. Most problems have been because of myself.
Though, I have managed very well, I think!

If there would not be problems with multiplayer games (not Linux or Garuda thing), I would most probably leave the whole Windows egosystem behind...

Anyway, KDE Dragonized has been serving me well and now using LXQT-version on my old T61. Had to take out most of the animations etc.

But now it seems to be more useable.

Excellent work, do continue Garuda Team!

And I would really like to be able to buy mugs, sweaters etc. for support!


That's a great idea!! I would buy a bunch too! If they were ever made...


On a scale of 0 to 10 I would say 7 out of 10. I agree with the first few posts which said that Garuda is bloated, at least the Gaming edition is. I'm fairly new to Garuda, but I have little experience with Ubuntu/MATE and Lubuntu, I spent quite some time to uninstall some of the preinstalled games and apps. Things like Telegram and NextCloud I don't use at all. You can't remove any of these with the Garuda Gamer/Setup Assistant screen, some of them you can remove with Discover. While other games like mariO and Frozen Bubble isn't even listed on Discover, I had to remove these with Octopi.

One post in the beginning says that Garuda is resource heavy? Well, so is Windows 10/11. Garuda Gaming Editon and Windows 10 (I had this installed before Garuda) uses the same amount of resources . The only difference is Garuda is faster. I enabled Swap during the installation, I'm not sure if that is a performance factor.

Everything else is fine. I got some Windows games installed on Heroic, some installed on Lutris, some installed on PlayOnLinux. I'm slowly going through my games to check whatever I can get working. I am fairly happy with Garuda.

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Garuda made me leave the DistroHopping I started in GNU/Linux in late 2019 by 2020 at the beginning to try distributions to the madness some changed only the WallPaper others with configurations that seemed to me comfortable. But the first time I saw Garuda called my attention because it had its own repository and a file system new to me (BTRFS), at that time it had 8Gb of RAM and a hard drive, I found it extremely heavy but that's because I didn't understand how it worked. And once when installing for the second time I upgraded and I broke the system to upgrade but the Snapshot saved me but if I passed, and I realized that the system is so configured to be used Out the Box, because if you do an extra configuration such as installing the TLP broke me with the configuration Performace-Tweaks and uninstalling a program that was linked to other dependencies that depended on the configuration because I was breaking the system alone. At that time I think Garuda was less than a year old. But I opted for garuda at the end of 2020 by December and took it as my main OS but it is because I already had knowledge of server management, (Let's face it the more you learn in GNU/Linux you learn more server management you know your system and so on). I understood that BTRFS is a better file manager for me, that Arch as a base is very cool, that unused hardware is wasted and better control to build from scratch the configurations using your GitLab repos.
There is no one I am a student or computer student that we say why I really study ing. Chemistry. And they only teach us to use Excel with their office package, simulators, sequential programming and there. But with GNU/Linux in general I learned from calling my system to hack and as I opened the most, I realized what Huino is that Garuda is very active in Suto, I often see his configurations and new and new community.

In conclusion 2 years ago I would put Garuda 3/10 because I was a new user and I liked that my neofetch indicated that I started with <,500Mb of RAM and a beautiful wallpaper. And when I wanted to configure my desktop as an example to install another of how gnome with dragonizare plasma is a very bad idea if you do not do it, so when configuration for ootras ootras things by eujplo flus or flat planes.

Now I really go all 2021 and all 2022 so far and I give 9/10 and it is because the community has greatly improved, the maintainers including new tools for new users that are easy to handle suppository chaotic-aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura aura Aura ara ara ares ares new Nuvos want to manage suppository chaotic-aura oura aura aura aura ara ara in.

POSDATA- Timement I am thinking of just installing a archbase and using only the necessary configades and software of Garuda. Unfortunately, my limited knowledge does not leave me as a handle but I try in my virtual machines, with this new version of Garuda Kde Lite it would be good to start corque the git the git and to the bad that produces a production can come out of a new error and sometimes not sometimes Do not reflect but for external things.


I am new to Garuda and as a Fedora user the first thing to hit me is how polished and smooth it is. I have only tried XFCE and no idea how the other DEs would work on my T440s with Intel i5 4210U. Weirdly everything just looks, works and feel better with Garuda compared to Fedora. I really like that they suggest useful software during initial setup. Time saver. I also use hibernate mode a lot and glad that it comes built in and it works fine. So yes I am quite baffled by the reviews you mentioned above. For me I am quite happy with Garuda so far and I give it 10. It has been able to handle to everything I throw at it.


Hi praise, considering you are comparing us against one of the largest and oldest distros out there (now owned by IBM).

Welcome to the Garuda community @ibenzawla.

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Yes, hibernate mode is very useful. I use it often when I am doing homework and need to power my laptop for some time before returning back.

Welcome. @ibenzawla