Are you ever planning to install pipewire instead of pulseaudio by default?

Or there are some problems because of which the Garuda KDE Dr460nized distribution does not use pipewire by default yet. Is it ever planned? What do you think about this.

I think you missed a lot of our development progress :crazy_face:


I just replaced pulseaudio with pipewire now and all my sound problems are gone, plus the sound works an order of magnitude better. Therefore, such a question arose. It seems to me that pulseaudio and xorg is a relic of the past


Use search funktion, please.


Ohh, that's not what I meant, and pipewire has already installed.

Here, I'll do it for them:


Same dude! I always hate Linux, because my Bluetooth headphones doesn't work on any distro - Manjaro, Ubuntu, MXLinux, Fedora - I always have or completely broken Bluetooth, or shutter, lags, or my micro doesn't work.

Before I installed Garuda, I swore or I make that shit work or will buy wired headphones. On Garuda with default pipewire my headphones works without any troubles. I was like "lol, where have you been all that time, Garuda"


Why buy Bluetooth devices then?

I have avoided them like the plague ever since my Windows days. Bluetooth never worked worth a damn in Windows in the past either. Of course I haven't used Windows in a long time, but I learned my lesson there. Bluetooth is a garbage technology that manufacturers expend no effort providing proper Linux support. Bluetooth also has many security holes, and is the first thing I disable on any Linux install.

I still use wireless devices such as Logitech wireless mice/trackballs and keyboards but I will never use Bluetooth.

I'm glad your BT is working ATM, but don't count on it to remain that way. Kernel updates break Blutooth on a very regular basis. Do yourself a favor and divest yourself of BT devices if you wish to maintain your sanity using Linux.


I wish I could say the same. I have purchased a few pairs, although full-disclosure, they were always under $50, but they would either disconnect, last like two hours tops, and sometimes the range was terrible, especially moving with my phone on me..."my phone on me!" :man_shrugging:

I finally gave up, back to wired. I can live with the wire getting caught in my pants zipper over the bluetooth nonsense.

Also, I refuse to by the $150 and above bluetooth headphones, pa-lease.


But it looks kool,

  1. I don't like wires (especially headphones)

  2. I use the same headphones at home, at work and outside. I just need to click a one button to do that.

I don't play online games a lot, so I don't really need small delays or decent micro.

Only one thing - I paid 150$ just for basic features and medium headphones (2 years ago, probably now these headphones already low tier). For best features (and probably sound) you need to pay 400+ $ :dollar:


Well, I use Bluetooth wireless neckband, for college classes on android. For me, it is much better than wireless experience because

  1. When attending with wired, the connection is almost always loose on my tablet. I have to push it into the tablet very tightly, to get proper sound. Wireless is certainly better at it.
    ( This is not issue with my desktop however. Just tablet as well as smartphone)

  2. I sometime have to go to other room, while my tab is at my room. I can comeback, if my teacher calls my name :wink:

  3. As you know, it is winter in northern hemisphere, I attend my classes in quilt :sweat_smile: . It was very very irritating with wired headphones, because even a slight movement of head and the headphones are unplugged.

But I tend to agree with @ tbg , bluetooth devices certainly has performance, and security issues, and minimal support for Linux.
Also, bluetooth devices like earbuds and neckbands have very low battery life, owing to their size. Have to charge them daily, and I am not fond of it.


It's kind of handy pairing my Logi Z407 speakers to multiple devices singular or concurrently using a mini-plug, USB and Bluetooth. I don't have to physically reconnect anything. Sometimes I need to use pavucontrol to adjust latency a little, but that's no biggie.

And I still use tried-and-true Pulseaudio. Pfft! to Pipewire.

My Bose SoundLink Micro sounds infinitely better on pipe wire. I haven't used it so much recently since moving away from Android, and it sounded like pig slop hitting a tambourine on pulse audio. So much so, I even had a help thread back on the old new Manjaro forum about it. Pipewire is the best thing to happen to my computer in a long time!

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