Archer T9e. How can I use the Garuda WiFi driver in another distribution?

Hello. My WiFi Adapter is Archer T9e. And only on your distribution it works fine, on Pop_os, TRISQUEL, Fedora I do not have the Internet. So, is it possible to use drivers or utility with drivers from Garuda Linux in another distribution?

Garuda is a Arch based OS, so its very different than Pop as that is based on Ubuntu (and which that is based on Debian).

However, I did a quick search for product info on that card, and people say its a Broadcom chip. Now, since the card is on the older side and I only heard things about a non-free driver for that chip for Ubuntu-based OSes, I doubt that fact has changed since you said it didn't work for Pop_OS still.

Here is a quote I found from an old post from 2015. Take from it what you will: "I tried latest release of Mint and Ubuntu and both worked with this card after I enabled the Broadcom wireless driver which is disabled by default I believe since it's a non-free driver provided by Broadcom"


Thanks for the answer. So, I have to install Broadcom Driver to internet workers?


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I believe that this request should be on POP! OS forums or the forums of distro you use. We don't know why it is working on other operating system because we are unfamiliar with the preinstalled drivers on the particular distro.

As this request is already 2 days old, I am closing it now. You can dm me / any other mod to reopen the thread, if you feel like it.