Arch do not render some chars, fine on Garuda

Hi Garuda users, so I need help to configure this. See in images those icons do not render on Arch. But it does render on kali, garuda,parrot and other configured distros. What setting is this and how to make it work? Thanks

Hi, when i install an OS like Arch or Artix. then some icons do not render correctly. Anyone can guide me how to do solve this? becuase these icons will render correctly in kali linux, parrot os and garuda linux(manjaro also). How those distros make it work? I really want to learn this. Thanks
Examples in image.

BTW. i cannot upload image as im new.

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This request is misdirected and should be addressed to Arch / the distro they don't render correctly.
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As far as I know, these may be due to any missing font / icon / emoji pack.
Try installing noto-color-emoji-fontconfig from AUR.


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