Arcade Games

Hi all,

On the hunt for a good old fashioned Arcade game, something like star fox wing commander, or descent destruction Saturn.

A game you can just casually play without spending years to upgrade and mod, really miss them days when games didnt require hours of your life just to have fun.

Any recomendations appreciated.

I recommend Gauntlet and Gauntlet II or Galaga for old school arcade games. You should be able to find some ROMs for those around the web somewhere. These can be played with MAME or whatever other emulator you prefer.

If you want to go even further back, not exactly an arcade game, but KGoldRunner is like the old Lode Runner game from the early 80's, I used to love that game back then on the old Apple II e machines. KGoldRunner is in the official repositories (extra).

Also, Mari0 is very similar to the Super Mario from Nintendo fame, just mashed up with some other game mechanics which I happened to like. In the official repositories.


Thanks Ill look into Gaunlet, I have no emulators yet, so will check out MAME first.

Hi Rich,

Sure, it's easy ...




Yeah! pole position was groovey, I was more of a rad racer but I do remember pole position too, Still compiling MAME, have fetched some ROMs of the Nntendo 64 flavour, I got Star Fox which was on my list and Golden Eye too.

Im sure with this emulator I wont get bored or equally dragged into a quick four year session on Warframe.

I love Warframe but my Mrs would s**t a brick if it was available on linux.

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