April 2024 Hyprland ISO

Hi all,

Is there a way I could get a link for the April 2024 Hyprland ISO?

I could not find it on ISO builds.


I’m not finding an April build either. Last one I see is the March build.

Chances are it’s just not out yet.

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I mark the solution :slight_smile:

Could I get a link to that March build please?

Use only from download page, please, the march version failed.

If you know this path, its also in start.garudalinux.org, why you ask about the path?

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@R66y probably best to use the link from the downloads page as @SGS suggested. I know they update the ISO’s in the links pretty quickly.
However, if you just have to try the broken iso, it’s here:

@SGS when clicking the link from start.garudalinux.org I’m getting a 500 Internal Server Error.

But when I remove “garuda/” from the URL and it’s only iso.builds.garudalinux.org/iso/ I get a warning that my connection to the site isn’t secure, but am able to continue on and the page loads. Just so you know.


Will be looking into this soon. There is certainly something off, even though clicking the link works for me.


All links works fine here. IDK, sometimes the server are short down :wink:

Yeah it’s weird because I didn’t used to have that issue. On the site warning page, it says the site may not support using HTTPS, though I’m sure the Garuda team already thought that through.
@SGS @dr460nf1r3 thank you for your help!

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It can’t report 500 if it’s down, so that’s not the problem here. (The few minute downtimes occasionally happen when a server reboot is needed to apply new configurations or updates)

Edit: it’s an issue with xml parsing (the thing applying the style of the page). Now on to figuring out whether it can be fixed.

Edit 2: worked around by disabling the stylesheet for now.


@SGS quote=“dr460nf1r3, post:11, topic:36073”]
worked around by disabling the stylesheet for now

I will test and update here

Edit: yep, immediately loaded without any error 500 or warning. Thanks @dr460nf1r3!!

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