Application Launcher Hotkey fails

Hello Garuda users.

I have been having issues the last few days with my command key, meta key, ⌘, whatever you call it. This is supposed to be used to launch the Application Launcher however it no longer does this. I went to confirm in the Lattice Settings that the box was checked to allow for the ⌘ key to do this and this setting is confirmed to currently be enabled. I am not sure what else I could do to get this work work again but any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I have scoured the internet for some kind of assistance and nothing seems to come up that is helpful.


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if this is kde, the following (I think!) fixed it when i had it a few months back (gleamed off reddit) i have no idea why it works,but it did still using the meta key:

Try these:
Right click on the Application Launcher, go to Settings and set the shortcut to Alt+F1.
Go to System Settings > Shortcuts > Global Shortcuts > Plasma > Set Activate Application Launcher Widget to Alt+F1.


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