API Dog Request

There is a API software named Apidog. they provide .dev or .rpm version. i did not find any app of this software for garuda.

please add this software in this store

It has an appimage


there is a source file. .tar.tz format. please this add in garuda repository

That tarball isn’t source code, it’s a compressed executable. These are the approximate steps for using the tarball:

Extract it:

tar -xzvf some_application.tar.gz

Navigate to the extracted directory:

cd some_application/

Run the application.


The Garuda repo is for Garuda Linux packages–that is, packages designed specifically for Garuda Linux tooling. Not random applications that people would rather install with a package manager.


if you wanted to you could try and get it into the AUR yourself. that isn’t something meant for a specific distro(like the garuda repository) so you might be able to do so easily.

  1. Download the appimage.
  2. Set it to executable.
  3. Run it however you like.

Seriously easy and gets you where you want to go without any extra effort (especially on the part of others).