Anyone tried Samsung Galaxy Book laptops?

Anyone tried installing Garuda on the Samsung Galaxy Book laptops? My laptop is relatively new - Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro using 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1260P 2.10 GHz.

When I tried Kubuntu a few months back, the OS was not compatible; it was missing numerous drivers to even get the basic functionality of the computer (touchpad / camera) working. I'd love to see Garuda driving this hardware!

Search the Arch Wiki for your notebook to see if it is compatible.


Bookmarked! Thanks!
Looks like there's still some wrinkles to iron out!

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Kernel 5.17, out of date.
Just load Xfce (lts kernel) and other DE (zen kernel) and test ist by yourself.
Or spend this laptop to TNE , and he will test it for you. :smiley:

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I am a happy boy - and very happy to say, no issues with today's install of Garuda on my Samsung Galaxy Book 2!

I did do it in Dual-Boot even though I know of the recommendation not to - but so far, near 100% good.

It is having the frequently-reported problem of lack of screen brightness control (reported for Arch Linux and Ubuntu). I tried installing the icc-brightness-gen git - no change. It's bearable for now.

Great news is sound works fine - that was a problem for Ubuntu back in Jan.


This might sound really dumb but maybe you could try installing redshift-gtk (typically used as a blue light filter thing but also has brightness and gamma settings available) and adjust the brightness through the config file. This is quite a jank solution but if it works it works :sweat_smile: it won’t apply to your login manager but after you log in, it should work. This is how I make my screen darker than the built-in settings allow at least lol


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