Anyone else into EDC?

Just curious any of you are into EDC (Everyday Carry)?

This can be wallets, pens, bags, laptops etc - even multi-tools sidearms, knives, headphones etc etc etc - basically anything you carry on you every day.

Garuda has moved into a spot of my EDC with the laptop that I am currently running it on - which is tempormental - I dont think I would ever buy another HP to run linux on - if it has the Ryzen stuff in it.

How about it - anyone else into EDC?


My (25-year-old) trusty, well-used Benchmade 975 SBT knife is always clipped in my right front pocket. My keys also reside in this pocket.

As I wear jeans 99.9% of the time, I use the watch pocket to carry a little Victorinox Swiss Army Rambler knife, and that same little watch pocket also always carries a small-but-mighty Olight S1R Turbo S flashlight.

If I'm going out at night, I add an Olight M2R Warrior Pro flashlight, clipped in my left front pocket. That left front pocket is also where my Saltrek Featherlight minimalist wallet resides (awesome little wallet).

My right rear pocket always has a Fisher Bullet Space pen.

I always wear a mechanical autowinding wristwatch, I have a few that I rotate through.

And I legally carry a firearm, usually in "appendix carry" position; I rotate through different ones, but right now it's a Springfield Armory XD-S compact .45.

One thing I don't EDC is a phone. I will take my phone with me if I know I am expecting a call I don't want to miss, or if I'm going on a trip, but other than that I don't carry a phone.

Here's a (lousy quality) pic; I won't include the firearm, lest it disturb the more sensitive types. Notice that my keys are connected via lanyard to a little sheath for the Swiss Army knife , and I only carry the larger flashlight at night.


My usual daily.



My EDC are smartphone, handkerchief and wallet ( containing money and my id card). That's all.


This minus handkerchiefs :smiley: Also headphones to listen to music so people outside dont bother with me. :joy:


Next time that I go into the bush on a hunting trip, I'll will be taken a few of yous with me in case I forgot anything thing. :thinking:


Spectacles, t*sticles, wallet & watch is in England we can't even have a sharp stick! :thinking:


I carried a 5" Smith & Wesson .500 Mag, Benchmade auto-opener, compass, trekking poles, sat. phone on my belt. Backpack with flares, fishline, hooks, K-rats, yada, yada--kindling and a juicy beefsteak--when I worked in remote Alaskan places accessible only by floatplane or skiff.

And the most important part of EDC in remote areas never seen by man--a fishing pole. Everywhere.


Man am I glad to see I’m not alone!!!

Wallet - Trayvax Contour
Fischer Bullet space pen
Olight S1R Baton II
AirPod pros
Skeletool CX or topo, rotates in benchmade and various spyderco - PM2 most of the time
Trayvax Link nylon version
Watch - Garmin instinct tactical

Backpack Ogio stratagem with laptop and various med and tech items -

Will get a photo later.

Man I was surprised to see responses in here!


I was on Ambulance for almost 8 years. You always had your pants and shirt ready to go equip with full gear. Even had the belt threw all the loops. I could go from bed to driveway in less than 60 seconds. Still to this day I can still do the same. Just need a coffee machine to match my speed in the driveway. :sleeping:


Ah yes the 2nd most annoying member.

anyways my laptop my rpi4b 8gb ram and the tv remote :sweat_smile:





What about the airpods studio?

It is also proprietary :sweat_smile:



On the Red Planet ... my vaporizing phaser.
On Earth ... a strong chin, and two fists.

Pretty standard stuff.



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Tactical you say, is that like one of those fancy schmancy models in the 007 Bond movies with the retractable garrotting wire?

If so, where do I get one? I hate being the last one to learn about all the cool gadgets available these days.


Tactical refers to the functions and ability to kill transmitter function with GPS etc.

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Haha!!! Right! So is the phone I use :man_facepalming:t3:


I kept expecting someone to mention carrying a Garuda ISO USB drive, just in case you are off somewhere and need to boot a friends machine :grin: :rofl:

Beyond my wallet, phone, and watch, I have a small case in my work bag that has a leatherman, spare glasses, spare headphones, bandaids, firestarting stuff, an emergency blanket, pen, p51, chapstick, skin lotion, eye drops, flashlight, dental floss, fingernail clipper, klennex, and even some fish-hooks. It's irritating when I travel for work since half the stuff isn't allowed on planes. It's 7 inches x 5 inches, and 3.5 inches deep.